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1. Shipping Services

2. Shipping Costs

3. Production Times

4. Delivery Times

5. Second Delivery

6. Consignment Loss




1. Shipping Services


Depending on the order Volumen we ship all orders worldwide with Deutsche Post and DHL.


Should your delivery Agent try to hand over a package that is obviously damaged or already opened, then for legal reasons, please refuse to accept the delivery. Because as soon as you accept a damaged delivery, you confirm that the shipment was delivered to you in perfect condition. And then neither you nor we have any possibility of claiming damages from the shipping service provider, who caused the damage.



2. Shipping Costs


We always charge a flat rate shipping fee per order. This fee is € 3.45 within Germany and € 3.95 to any other destination worldwide. Please note that for some Orders the shipping costs may vary due to big order volume.


3. Production Times


The manufacturing time may take upt to two weeks, because we do not have all the Jewelery in stock and only produce when we receive an order. We are fully aware that this is beyond the currently popular order today - receive tomorrow mentality. But we consciously decided that to us the quality of our Goods is more important than delivering them within 24 hours. We do not sell any mass-produced goods. All pieces of Elfgard® jewelry are manufactured thoroughly, by people who sometimes work fast and sometimes slowly.



4. Delivery Times


- 1 to 3 days after Dispatch within Germany
- 2 to 5
days after Dispatch within Europe

- min. 12 days after Dispatch to the U.S.
- min. 14 days
after Dispatch Worldwide


Sometimes due to different reasons it can happen that orders are not delivered on time, get damaged or even lost. Unfortunately, as soon as we have handed over the shipment to one of our shipping service providers, we no longer have any influence on how fast the order will be delivered. Please also note that arbitrary customs inspections may delay the shipping process and cause additional costs.


5. Second Delivery


If an order can not be delivered because we received a false address, the customer bears the costs of a second delivery attempt. We will also not assume the cost of a second delivery if you have not picked up a parcel from a post office within the specified deadline. If we or the shipping service provider are responsible for an unsuccessful delivery, we will of course arrange a free replacement delivery instantly.



6. Consigment Loss


If an order got lost during transportshipping process we will of course instantly send you a free replacement delivery.


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