1. More about Elfgard®

2. More about the delivery times of Elfgard®

3. Customizability of products

4. Compatibility of Materials




1. More about Elfgard®



Who is behind Elfgard®?

Founder of the label is Fashion and Jewelry Designer Eva Landmann.
How do you create the Elfgard® Fairytale Jewelry?

Without exception, all the jewelery pieces are lovingly and detailed designed by Eva.


Where do you create the Elfgard® Fairytale Jewelry?

All pieces of our Jewelry are carefully crafted in our beautiful studio in Speyer by Eva and her Team.


What is special about Elfgard®?

Elfgard® stands for unique Fairytale designs. When Eva designs new models, she never focuses on any trends.


"When I design a new collection, I actually never really know what comes out in the end. Sure, there are always a few key indicators. Colors, shapes and materials that currently attract me most. But all in all, the creative process is like a game whose outcome I do not know. Some days I'm sitting there and it happens ... absolutely nothing. Until I leave the workshop frustrated and convinced I should be looking for a decent job. Everything that arises is infinitely dull or was there already. And on some days, everything happens on its own. It's sparkling and light. These are the days that usually become nights. Nights in which the magic of Elfgard® happens. "



2. More about the delivery times of Elfgard®


Why are the delivery times of Elfgard® so long?

Because we do not have all the Jewelry in stock and only produce when we receive an order. And because to us the quality of our products is more important than delivering them within 24 hours. Because it is humans working here, who are sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Order today - recieve tomorrow you get elsewhere. But the magic of Elfgard® you only get here.


My Order is supposed to be a Gift. Is it possible to shorten de delivery time in such case?

If the item is in stock, that is no problem. Though, for the sake of fairness, we do not prefer any Order during manufacturing process. To find out if the delivery works on your desired date please contact our customer service first.



3. Customizability of Products



Are the Elfgard® Fairytale Earrings also available as Clips?

Whether an Earring is available as a Clip you can check in the article details. You can then tell us your wishes using the comment box at the end of the order process. Incidentally, we have some great ear clips that can be individually adjusted to the ear with an adjusting screw.


Is the Elfgard® Jewelry also available in silver color?




4. Compatibility of Materials



Are the metals compatible for allergics?

 As we do not want to harm ourselves or our customers with heavy metals, we exclusively work with materials that are nickel-, lead- and cadmium-free by manufacturer's warranty.

 Nevertheless, we can not eliminate the fact that there may be allergic reactions in individual cases. If you need more Informations please contact our Serviceteam.

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Who is Elfgard®




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