1. More about Elfgard®
2. Customized delivery agreements
3. Customization of articles
4. Compatibility of materials




1. More about Elfgard®


Who is behind Elfgard®?

Founder of the label est moi fashion and jewelry designer Eva Landmann.


How is the fairytale jewelry from Elfgard® created?

All my jewelry pieces are designed with love and attention to details, without exceptions.


Where is the fairytale jewelry from Elfgard® made?

Each piece is carefully handcrafted in my beautiful Speyer studio and my tiny team.


What is special about Elfgard®?


Elfgard® stands for fabulous and special designs. I design new models, independently of current trends.


"When I design a new collection, I never really know what will come out of it in the end. There are always a few cornerstones: colours, shapes and materials that attract me at that particular moment in time. Overall, the creative stage for me is like a game whose outcome I don't know. Some days I sit there and.... nothing happens at all. Until I walk out of the workshop frustrated and convinced that I'd better do another job. Everything that emerges is endlessly dull or has been there before. And on some days everything comes into life by itself. It is full of light and it glows. Those are the days that usually turn into nights. Nights when the magic of Elfgard® happens."



2. Customized delivery agreements


Why can the delivery time from Elfgard®  be so long at times?

I do not hold large amounts of stocks and often start crafting upon receipt of an order. 

The products quality is more important to me than a 24h delivery turnaround. Depending on the type of item ordered, the crafting time can vary enormously. Order today - get delivered tomorrow is available elsewhere, but the magic of Elfgard® is only available here.


My order is a gift. Can the delivery time be shortened in this case?

If it is a stock item, this is not a problem. However, for the sake of fairness, orders are managed in a first come, first served basis. To find out whether the delivery on your desired date will work, please contact customer service first.



3. Customization of articles


Are the fairytale earrings from Elfgard® available with clip-on?

Many models can be mounted with clip-on instead of hooks. If you want to know if your desired model is available with a clip-on, please contact customer service. By the way, I have really great ear clips that you can adjust to fit your ear individually, using an adjustment screw.


Is Elfgard® jewelry available in silver?

Not yet.


Can the chain length be changed on request?

This is possible on many models. Just let me know your preferences in the comments field at the end of the order process.

For some models, however, I won't do this as a matter of principle. I will only change a model if I am certain that the original design will not be negatively affected by the change.


4. Compatibility of materials


Are the metals used allergy safe?


As I do not want to burden myself or my customers with heavy metals, I exclusively work with materials that are nickel-, lead- and cadmium free according to the manufacturer's warranty. Nevertheless, I can not rule out the possibility of allergic reactions in individual cases. For further information please contact customer service.



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Who is Elfgard®




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